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Wrap Around Care

What is Wrap Around care?

‘Wraparound care’ is most usually referred to as childcare that wraps around a child’s Nursery or School  Education. It is offered before or after sessions and allows parents and carers to extend their children’s hours. It can also enable parents complete training or take part in other interests and activities, knowing their child is able to be cared for safely.

During term-time, we provide both breakfast clubs and after-school clubs with plenty of activities on the agenda. Our breakfast clubs provide morning care until the start of the school day. Children will be guided to healthy choices with cereals, toast, fruit and drinks all being provided. With our after-school clubs, extended care can be provided until early evening. We offer a variety of activities that follow a set schedule. These after-school activities include sports & activity sessions, creative sessions and chill & care sessions.

During the school holidays, we provide extended care for your child from morning to early evening. We have a variety of drop off and pick up times to suit your specific needs for the day. Breakfast and snack options will be available. Our holiday courses activities will include sports. We also provide creative activities that include arts, crafts, cooking and a creative outdoor environment. Lastly, there will be opportunities for children to relax and unwind by reading, playing board games and taking part in calmer activities.