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cromer bear


Our Pre-School room has been carefully designed to provide the best experiences for our children. We are passionate that we get this right and have invested time in developing each area considering every stage of development. We recognise that our children are really starting to find their ‘feet’ and often want to feel independent as well as supported. Each day our activities are engaging, bringing new challenges, as well as providing familiarity. Often children at this age like to pretend objects are things from their own experiences and represent these through their play. That is why we endeavour to respect what they have been playing with by leaving these resources out for longer periods of time; for example, when a big tower is built, or a bed is made for the babies we leave this alone and don’t interrupt their play until this has naturally come to an end.

Active learning and the desire to be involved in new experiences is what we foster and encourage amongst our Pre-School children. We motivate them to try new things and to enjoy different experiences which helps and supports them to feel a sense of achievement as well as the skill to keep on trying! Praise and recognition are just two of the ways we build up self-esteem amongst our children – this is very important to us.